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Hey my name is Emily! I hope you enjoy my blog, talk to me anytime.
I track #prettyhipsters

Thanks for reading my FAQ!!!

"Follow back?"- I don’t follow back on command so please don’t ask me to follow back. But if you ask me to check out your blog I would love to follow your blog if its like mine!

Check out my blog?- Sure. Just send me a message asking.

First ___ to like?- yes

Reblog your photo?- Submit me the link and I’ll definitely check it out! If it fits my blog I’ll reblog it!

Promo me?-I like to help all my followers no matter how followers you have! But I do get a lot of requests. Send me a nice message and I’ll be sure to promo you but, it probably be in a group. If you have 10k+ look below. 

Promo for promo/ Continuos promo?- If you have 15k+ ask for a promo for promo. If not just tell me you have under that amount and I’ll put you on a group promo list.

Will I vote for you?-Sure just submit me the link.

If it’s not too much to ask please just be following me if you want any of the above. Thanks.

Hate?- Yeah I don’t publish or answer ANY hate. Anon or not I will delete so don’t waste your time.

How many followers do I have?- xx,xxx if you want the exact number ask off anon.

Where do I get my old glitter title?-

How did I get my rainbow quote thing under my banner?

-I made it! Message me and I’ll make one for you.

Who made your current banner?